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New Purina® Pet Gear Products Simplify Puppy Training, Atlanta, Ga.— The oneCARE Company, under Purina license, is debuting several new products in the Purina Pet Gear line designed to make a new pet’s homecoming easier and to make caring for your puppy more rewarding. “Bringing a new puppy home is an exciting time for the whole family, but it can also be a bit challenging for those responsible for housetraining,” explains Jennifer MacLean, oneCARE’s marketing director for pet care products. “We’ve created several new products, all designed to make puppy care simpler and easier allowing you to enjoy, play and bond with your pet.”

Purina Pet Gear Ultra Dry Training Pads feature an exclusive DryStep™ cover designed to prevent leaks and paw prints from tracking through the house. The pad features an innovative top layer that contains thousands of microfunnels to quickly channel liquid into the middle, where it’s rapidly absorbed and locked away, preventing it from coming back to the surface, even as dogs walk across. The leak-proof backing also protects floors and carpets. The pads are available in 10-count, 20-count and 40-count and come in an easy-to-store box for convenient dispensing.

I don’t have a puppy anymore but I do have two dogs and I know first hand how hard puppy training can be. It can be so tough many people give up and don’t keep their puppy because of training issues. I think it is great that Purina is trying to make training easier and trying to help people as they are training their dogs. Products that help clean up and keep your home safe from accidents.

Purina Pet Gear Pet Stain & Odor Eliminator for carpet and upholstery, even the Best Pets Have Accidents and we are here to help in those instances. The superior new cleaning agent thoroughly removes pet stains and the odors that lead puppies back to the same spots, all without damaging carpet or furniture. The proprietary pro-enzyme formula is a blend of six enzymes that break down stains and eliminate odors naturally. The 2-in-1 cleaning action lifts pet soils from carpet fibers for easy removal while the odor-eliminating technology destroys surface odors on contact. The enzymes and bacteria continue to break down deep soils as well as the source of odors until they’ve been completely eliminated; thorough odor removal discourages pets from remarking. Designed for use on carpet, upholstery, pet beds, litter boxes and any water-safe surface, the Purina Pet Gear Pet Stain & Odor Eliminator is safe for use around children and pets.

We also received a very nice pet roller for hair removal, this is SO nice! We love animals here at our house, we have 2 cats and 2 dogs. One of the toughest things we deal with because of our pets is hair. Sometimes it feels like it is everywhere so having nice rollers is great. It is great for furniture and carpet.

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Giveaway: 10 lucky readers will win a puppy pad sample and coupon. This giveaway will end Monday June 27th at midnight eastern time. The winners will have 48 hours to respond to my email. If no response, a new winner will be chosen. Open to residents of the US.

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Thanks to Purina for providing these products for my review. All opinions are 100 percent mine.

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  1. says

    Why yes, we have a rescue pup we think is a border collie mix. Cute as a button that found us. Hoping to find a home, but there is a good chance she is staying.
    Kimberly Kovach recently posted..Soap Nuts

  2. says

    Stopping by from the Crew. We are in the process of looking for a puppy so this would be great! Thanks for the chance to win! Following along with you now, stop by and say hi when you can.
    Jacquelin recently posted..Awards night

  3. julie m says

    My boyfriend has two rescue dogs who still have accidents. These would be great.

    juleemm2003 at yahoo dot com

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    Review is designed to help you make a more informed decision when buying dog food. However, our rating system is not intended to suggest feeding a particular product will result in specific health benefits for your pet.

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