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When I first looked at Go Go Kabongo the first thing that popped out at me was the colors! They are beautiful rich colors that pop off your computer screen. Go Go Kabongo is a website that helps your pre reader or early reader develop skills for reading and critical thinking. It is for ages 4-7. Your child gets to create their own avator, my daughter loved doing this, you get to pick the head, the middle and the feet, from all different wacky characters.


Go Go Kabongo currently consists of three “habitats” containing three educational games each, and those games move up through six levels of difficulty. Some of these games involve:

  • collecting objects in a specific order
  • recreating a scene from a story
  • photographing animals
  • collecting p’s, q’s, b’s and d’s
  • placing robot pieces together by shape and size
  • reproducing a pattern
  • finding letter sounds in order
  • collecting letters to form words

You can also build your own comic book, skate at your own skatepark which you earn pieces for along the way and decorate your won treehouse. This program was a little on the young side for my children, my youngest is 7 and she is an excellent reader but there were aspects of it like skating and building her treehouse that she loved. A preschooler could get a lot of great skills out of this game and for 4.95 you can’t beat the price to help develop reading skills. It is well worth it!

You can get started for FREE. Laughter Lake and Galaxy Gardens (two habitats) are free. The final habitat, Twister Top, is available for $4.95.

Games in Go Go Kabongo work toward a variety of skills, including:

  • Attention and Focus
  • Memory Skills
  • Processing
  • Planning
  • Visualization
  • Comprehension
  • You can learn more about Go Go Kabongo’s approach here. To see what other crew members say about Go Go Kabongo Click here.
  • As a member of the Homeschool Crew, I was given this product to review. I was not paid for this post. All opinions expressed in this post are mine.
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