God’s Grace

When I hurt, I HURT.  I have always been like that, if someone hurts me sometimes I feel like I can’t breathe-it literally causes me physical pain.

  Many times I have questioned the Lord, “why did you make me this way?”  

I see people who just go along and don’t seem to feel much at all but NOT me-I FEEL and hurt deeply when I have been wounded by another or even when other people hurt.  

 I thought about that a lot today as I thought of Good Friday. 

 We know Jesus felt a LOT of physical pain, the suffering was unimaginable but you know it may have just been worse the pain to his heart. 

 “Crucify HIM, Crucify HIM! 

 The innocent one, the one without blemish.  The people that HE had come to earth to heal, teach and ultimatley Save wanted nothing more then his death.  How it must have HURT, and yet HE went on to forgive and LOVE…….How did HE do it?  It seems so impossible to me so often but it is EXACTLY what HE wants from me. 

Matthew 6:14  For if you forgive other people when they sin against you, your heavenly Father will also forgive you.

Thank you Jesus for dying a death you didn’t have to, you could have called on ten thousand angels and YET you didn’t so I could have a chance for eternal life! 

 And you know what?   HE did it for YOU too!

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