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Spring is coming, I can feel it. It won’t be long until we will be feeling spring weather and it is a time many of us feel like giving our homes a good cleaning.  I was very excited to be picked by Green Works to try out their cleaning line.  I love the idea of using natural products in my home and with my family.   The more I learn about all the toxins many products have the better I feel about going natural.

I loved all of these things, the all purpose cleaner and the bathroom cleaner were my all time favorite.  They all have a nice soft scent, not too much but gives you that clean smell which I love!  I love the easy spray bottles and how easy it is to clean with them.  The wipes could be a little more wet, I felt at times they were too dry but they did work to clean several areas that I wiped down.  The laundry detergent was great at getting my clothes clean and left a fresh scent.  It just goes to show you don’t need all those toxins to get your home or clothes clean.  Natural is good!

Green Works Cleaning Wipes –  It is 100% compostable, so you can clean up after your family and guests, and feel good while you’re at it!

Green Works Laundry Detergent
–  The dermatologist-tested formula is gentle on skin and formulated for both standard and high-efficiency (HE) washers, so you can be sure that your laundry will be fresh and clean….load, after load, after load

Green Works Bathroom Cleaner –  The bathroom cleaner is a non-toxic way to power through soap scum, rust and hard water stains — without harsh chemical fumes and residue.

Green Works All Purpose Cleaner –  It is safe to use on multiple surfaces throughout the kitchen and bathroom, including counters, appliances, stainless steel, sealed granite, chrome, cook top hoods, sinks and toilets.

Check it all out at Green Works on Facebook!

A product sample was received for free to review.   All opinions are 100 percent mine.

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