Growing Up


I wrote this in the winter and never published it here, I was looking back at my drafts and realized I had this here and thought I would share it. Don’t know what took me so long……………. I was referring to one of Ann Voskamp’s blog entries on time.

After reading Ann’s post today, I could feel the sting in my eyes as I held back the tears of the very thought of my children growing up.  It is one of those subjects I don’t like to think of too much. 

 I’m doing my best to prepare them for adult hood, to prepare them for God’s calling on their lives, what that will be for each one, it is too early to tell.  However it is still hard to think of them not being here with me so most day I choose not to think of it. 

Time seems to be moving faster these days, I can’t believe how quickly birthdays and holidays are here again

 Just the other day I was looking out the window of another dreary winter day with bare trees and left over snow and thought how quickly spring will coming(already hearing more birds in the morning) and how quickly the seasons are about us now that I’m getting older.  When I was a kid they seemed to drag on and on, now they are here and gone in a flash it seems. 

There are so many moments I want to bottle up and cherish, I truly know why the Bible talks of Mary pondering things in her heart, she was taking in the moments and bottling them up in a world that had no cameras, scrapbooks, computers-just her heart!    Time is moving way too fast………………………

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