This week has been hard.  I have been anxious and emotional and all the things I thought I had outgrown.  Don’t get me wrong, I know we all have bad weeks and that is a part of life, but I have come so far from the worry lifestyle.  I used to worry deeply about everything!  Deep worry, I hate to admit it but SIN worry, the Bible is clear Be anxious for NOTHING, and when your anxious about everything it is sin! 

Where is my trust?

  Do I believe HE will carry my burden or not? 

I had thought I had outgrown all of it, I shared with my husband how I could feel the tension in my body I had years ago when I lived this way all the time.  I said, “I don’t ever want to go back to that” 

Have I not outgrown it?   I am learning that the fact I recognize when I’m heading there is a growth, now I know how to pray and have people pray for me.  I have grown so much and one bad week or even bad month will not change that.  


 Because the growth has come from the Lord, the God almighty-the one true God-the same one that rescued the Israelites from Egypt and the one who sent HIS son to pay my debt, all of my debt! 

I’m so thankful to HIM that I will keep growing,  because of what I do? 


Because of HIM, my great Redeemer!

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  1. says

    Thank you for sharing this. It was something I needed to read. These last two weeks have been so trying. I’ve been negative, cranky, and just had a bad attitude, so much anger has filled me. Things I thought I’d never deal with because I’m usually such a positive person. Good lessons I’ve learned: You can’t rely on you. Rest. Trust.
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  2. Angela says

    I’m so glad this blessed you. It sounds like we both had rough weeks, hopefully the next one will be better. I know it has to be hard working 2 jobs, praying things get better soon. Hang in there!


  3. says

    I loved this post! What a great reminder that one little re-lapse, or one step backward doesn’t mean we aren’t growing or making momumental strides of progress in our life. So often, we tend to let these small, itty-bitty bumps detour us and send us reeling backwards. God is still in control and His mercies and HIS FAITHFULNESS are new every morning!

    Great write- Thank you for sharing-

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