Gus on the Go Teaching Spanish App Review {Giveaway}

Gus on the Go - Educational App

I never did take Spanish in school, I took French!  I always wondered if that was the right pick especially since I have no plans to head to France and so much of our nation is Spanish speaking now, it would have been great to learn it.  Typically foreign language is not taught until high school but studies have shown that younger children have a very natural way of picking it up early if only they are exposed to it.  Most of us moms have seen how much our young children pick up just watching Dora so when they have an educational device that is colorful, vibrant, and talks to them imagine what they can learn.

Now there is an app that does just that, this isn’t just for Spanish either-there are at least 14 other languages-I was able to review the Spanish one!

Just some of the 14 languages available from Gus!

Gus on the Go is a foreign language learning app developed by two loving parents from toojuice,  LLC, Yono and Alice.  They have dedicated themselves to helping children embrace their native (and other) languages through fun and educational apps.

About the app:

Come fly away with Gus on the Go!  Gus is headed to different countries all over the world and is inviting kids to explore new languages with him.  Kids get to engage in interactive vocabulary lessons with lesson reviews and a chance to unlock exciting (we promise!) vocabulary games to reinforce what they’ve learned in a fun manner.  Learning another language has never been so easy and fun.  Hoot Hoot! 


  • 10 interactive vocabulary lessons with nearly 90 vocabulary words
  • 10 vocabulary lesson reviews
  • Exciting games, unlocked upon completing lesson reviews
  • Fun animations and delightful animal noises and transportation sounds
  • Easy to navigate country and city maps
  • Trophy Room to track achievements
  • Native speaker

Vocabulary Categories:

  • Animals
  • Food
  • Clothes
  • Transportation
  • Parts of the Body
  • Numbers
  • Shapes
  • Colors

Gus on the Go is a great way to learn a new language or supplement your child’s language curriculum.  Currently available in the App Store in Spanish, Mandarin, German, Russian, Hebrew, Korean, Cantonese and English with many more languages to come.

You learn Spanish words based on a specific category (such as animals or numbers)   Most of the games are word association based on images.  When your children remember the associations they move on to unlock a mini game or move to the next level.

The mini games were my favorite part (these are REALLY FUN)  My favorite was the bubble game where you have to blow giant bubbles onto the correct animal and watch it float up and off the screen.   I love that your child follows a map and is able to move through each level seeing different things as they go, they look forward to what is next and what they can unlock.  It sets a challenge and your child naturally wants to win it.  My 9 yr old was really getting into it and ok, I will admit, me too.  This is geared for younger children but if you have a jr high, high school student studying foreign language for the first time this app would really help them test their skills of their basic words and with a little game challenge thrown in they just may get into it (of course they would never admit it)

The graphics are very colorful, vibrant, and fun and will keep a preschooler very interested.

You can purchase Gus on the Go in the Android and iTunes markets for $2.99.  It is available on the iPad as well as in the Google Play Store for your  Android Devices starting today!  This app is WELL WORTH 2.99


The makers of this app also have free language printables at   They started creating these because they wanted Cantonese specific materials for their sons (which are a little hard or expensive … or not that attractive!).  They plan to post more and they will always be free. 🙂

Giveaway:  I have 5 codes to giveaway for Gus on The Go.  Winner can pick the language they prefer (from the choices they have)  ONLY IOS(iphone or ipad available for giveaway)  To enter join the widget below:

I was compensated for this review.  All opinions are 100 percent mine!

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  1. Celena says

    This looks great! I’ve been trying to incorporate simple Spanish words to my daughter. My grandmothers native language is Spanish and as she’s been getting older, she uses more Spanish than English. She loves hearing my daughter say anything in Spanish.

  2. JAN says

    Three little grandkids were born in Israel but no longer live there. They would love to learn Hebrew with ease.

  3. Kelly H. says

    This looks like a great tool for learning a new language. I would love to try this out.


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