Hallmark Cards For Moms And Kids

These cards were so much fun!  They have wonderful messages for moms and the children that they love.  So many times we as moms need encouragement while we are doing the day to day task of raising our families.  We need to hear that it’s okay that the laundry is piled up sometimes and that others know and care the hard work we are putting into the most important job in the world!  These cards do just that:  They are perfect for that mom that you talked to on the phone today that is feeling like a failure or just needs some encouragement.  They will bring a smile to someones face who wasn’t expecting a card just because.   I love the idea of sharing with our kids some encouragement too!  There are cards in here that will make your kids laugh and know that you are thinking about them.   I love this one that talks about us moms who blog!
This summer, Hallmark is focused on helping people spread encouragement – both to moms and to children (with back to school, team tryouts, and much more coming up). So I wanted to share a couple of their new collections that may be of interest.

As you most certainly know, moms experience moments that can only be fully appreciated by other moms. To help encourage moms through the day-to-day challenges of motherhood – and give a few laughs along the way – Hallmark has introduced a new line of humor cards called “Edge of Motherhood.”

A recent national survey commissioned by Hallmark revealed two-thirds of moms say they handle the imperfect moments of motherhood by sharing funny stories with other moms about their experiences, and that 8 in 10 moms turn to each other for candid, empathetic, and unapologetic support and reassurance that “we are all in this together.” Ideally, these new, edgy humor cards will help moms share a laugh, connect with one another and celebrate motherhood — and they start at just 99 cents.

For kids, Hallmark’s new collection of encouragement cards for kids are designed to help parents provide an extra boost of confidence for kids as they experience “everyday” moments – whether it’s the first day of school, taking a test or trying out for a team. The cards incorporate humor and heartfelt messages to help adults show support, pride and give a special child a boost of confidence. (Some of the cards include originally recorded sound clips too, which play when a child opens the card!) These cards start at 99 cents, and the encouragement cards with sound retail for $2.99.

Both collections of cards are available at select Hallmark Gold Crown stores and other retailers where Hallmark cards are sold. And some styles of the “Edge of Motherhood” cards are available online at hallmark.com: http://tinyurl.com/ll8d4m (full collection is only in stores).

This post was written for Family Review Network as part of a program for Hallmark, who supplied the cards for review.”

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    Great review! I actually work for Hallmark as a card designer, so it’s awesome to hear how our creative work is paying off!! So much goes into making a perfect card (or in this case, a perfect line of cards), and we are thrilled when we hear feedback like this! I didn’t work on the cards you reviewed above, but I have sent a lot of them to some of my friends who are just becoming moms, and to some of my cousins who are just heading back to school. So much fun!

    Do you mind if I post some of your content and a link to your post on my blog (which is a Hallmark and KC blog written by Hallmark Creative employees)?? Here’s the link if you want to check it out, and let me know if I can use your review and a link in a post on cre•a•tiv•i•ty soon!


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    thanks angela! just posted your review on our blog-and thanks again for your kind words about “the edge of motherhood” line! :O) -e-

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