Having an Office Space for Working from Home!

I work from home!  I really love it, it blesses me so much to be able to do work that I love, help out our family, and still be home with my children.  I find in order to really be effective having an office space is important.  I don’t think you have to have a huge space to have an office, I have seen ideas on pinterest and magazines where they actually put an office in a closet.  How cool is that?   As long as you have room to work you can be set up!

The important thing is to have a desk that is functional, some office supplies, and a chair.  Office chairs come in so many different styles, sizes, and prices, however for me comfort is the key.  I hurt my back 17 yrs ago and it has never been the same!  There are chairs I truly can’t sit in.  If I am hurting bad enough I can’t concentrate on anything and then work doesn’t get done.  My chair has to have a nice back to it and soft padding, I also like good arm rests and like it to be adjustable.

Classic leather ergonomic chair

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As long as you have simple office supplies you don’t need the fancy stuff to have a workable office!

Some great things to have on hand are:

plenty of paper


computer or laptop




paper shredder

Of course you can have much more but if you are looking for basics this list will do.

I love having a home office, it gives me space that is just mine and helps me concentrate better.  Although I don’t go out of the home to work it gives me a place to go when it is work time and helps my family respect my work hours.

A home office doesn’t just benefit you if you are working from home either; they are nice to pay bills in, get some reading done or for the student in your home. They can be a blessing for the whole family!

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