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I am partcipating in Sue’s new meme this week, this is a great way to show what you have been learning and for your own journaling to remember.

In my life this week… 
It actually warmed up enough to melt snow and we had a lot of sun finally, this gave me a lift.  It is amazing what the sun can do and gets me excited about spring although I know we still have a while…
In our homeschool this week…
We learned or should I say still learning the game of chess (We are doing Rome To Reformation with My Fathers World), my boys LOVED having chess in their workboxes this week.
Places we’re going and people we’re seeing… 
This week was just piano lessons and church but isn’t it nice to have a down week sometimes?
My favorite thing this week was…
Getting my bedroom in order after it being  a big mess for a LONG time!  Looks so pretty now!
What’s working/not working for us…
Institute for Excellence The Phonetic Zoo Spelling that we received through TOS Crew.  My son LOVES it.  This spelling program is actually more work then he is used to for spelling but he is learning and he feels accomplished in spelling and he is truly taking pride in that.   Great Great program!
Homeschool questions/thoughts I have…
I’m amazed how fast our year is going
A photo to share…

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  1. says

    I enjoyed your Journal post and your favorite thing this week! Considering I don’t like clutter, my house is always overflowing with unfinished art or lego projects, so when I do get things straightened up and in order I always want to sit back and go AAAAHHH! Bliss :o)

  2. Mama Cat says

    I have a question regarding the Teacher’s Manual of MFW. I am seriously considering using MFW for my dc but I would like to know how the teaching process is written in the Teacher’s Manual.
    Does MFW have clear, easy to understand and easy to teach lessons written?
    I need lesson plans that specifically tell me what to teach and what pages to teach from. Is this part of the less “prep” people talk about?

    My current experience is A Beka which has an extremely thorough teacher’s guide. (I personally use their worksheets as the lessons and ignore most of the instructions like writing words on the chalkboard, etc) Their teacher’s guide is too structured for me…it’s written for the classroom teacher, not for Mama Cat sitting next to her kittens on the couch with books in laps.
    I also have tried Weaver Curriculum for a few months before A Beka. Their Day by Day planner was not specific enough for me to teach from because I always doubted I was teaching my kittens to their grade level. I also had lack-of-teaching experience so I didn’t know exactly what to teach and when because the instructions weren’t clear. For example, it would read, “Tell about how volcanoes form.” From the library list of books, we had to study from 3 books to answer the lesson.
    I am hoping that MFW would have lesson plans that are written as a middle ground between word-for-word instruction and general “whatever you scrounge up in your library books” instructions.
    I would be starting on ECC for them asap. (I will keep ABeka for their math and language, by the way.)
    Any help you can provide will be appreciated.
    Meow…I mean, “Thanks.” 🙂

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