How to Have a Color Coded Easter Egg Hunt

Easter egg hunts are always fun!  It can be especially fun if you have a big group!  We love having Easter egg hunts for the whole extended family! *affiliate links included


It is hard to believe but Easter is in March this year!  When it is early it creeps up on us fast! We love to do Easter egg hunts with cousins, our own children, and sometimes even friends!  Who doesn’t love the thrill of the hunt and finding eggs is fun for all ages!

The problem we ran into was all the kids were different ages.  We would often have toddlers all the way to teenagers out there and we couldn’t possibly make a hunt fair so we came up with an idea to color code the eggs.

If all the children in your hunt are close in age, this kind of egg hunt  is really unnecessary because they are all on the same level and can find your eggs no matter where they are, however if they are not this is a really fun and fair way to do it!

You start by buying a bunch of plastic colored eggs that are assorted in colors!  Then you fill them up!  We love to put some with candy, some with change, stickers, and small toys.  You can even buy prefilled eggs!

We gave the toddlers a color (for example blue), the elementary years had a color (say yellow) and then the teens (maybe purple)  Then we hid the eggs based on the colors so if it was purple we hid them in very challenging places, for the toddlers we would just lay their colors for the most part right out in the open, especially for the one year olds that were walking.   The kids know the colors they are looking for before they start.

If you have a small group you could even give each child a color (we have done this)

We then hide one BIG egg, often with a 5.00 bill in it in a very hard place and anyone can find it!

It works out great because all the kids get something and we know what to put in each egg.  For example we wouldn’t want to put candy toddlers could choke on in their eggs!

Again, if the kids are all older, like mine are now , all is fair is love and war:)


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  1. Patti Eichman says

    I would love to know what colors to mix together with other colors to make other beautiful colors, you know what I mean, right? Lol thanks !! ????????????????

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