How to Make Placemats Using Christmas Cards

placematpin I love to find crafts you can make that you can actually use!  I made these Christmas Card Placemats a few years back and they are still holding up well!!  I love the beauty of Christmas cards and hate throwing them away once Christmas is over!  This is a wonderful way to use the covers to make something beautiful!  These would make great gifts and  would be great things to make with your children

Buy cheap poster board like the kind for school projects for .50. It took 3 for 6.

Cut the covers off of your favorite cards, or even the inside or backside if that is your favorite part

Cut the board 12×17 and glue your favorite cards on or tape or whatever adhesive you like.

Then cover with contact paper.

placemat3 The contact paper can be difficult so it is best to have someone that can help hold it while you are making sure it doesn’t get crinkled up. If you have a laminator big enough that would be best but I didn’t. I made one for each family member and 1 guest. Here is the finished product.

Mine has the vintage look (the one that says mom)

I did try to personalize it a little bit with names and things they love. My youngest LOVES animals so I put a lot of animals on hers.

I made these a few years ago and they have held up great and because of the contact paper they are so easy to wipe off! Hope you enjoy, feel free to pin it if you like it!


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    Oh my goodness, just saw this on Pinterest, and it brought back so many memories. 🙂 We used to make these when I was little with our Christmas cards. We would cut our cards into circles and overlap them. Still remember tracing the lid of a jar over the cards and cutting them out. Thanks for the reminder–this is a great craft and they really do last. My mom still has a few from all of those years ago!
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