How to Prevent a UTI

preventing a uri I have had my fair share of UTI’s and they are miserable!  I get the kind where there is so much pain, the kind of pain where you are gripping the side of the sink every time you have to urinate.  They can be miserable.

I hate to admit it but I’m getting older.  I haven’t went through menopause yet but it won’t be long and I know the next 5 years will bring many changes to my life!

UTIs are actually very common among perimenopausal or menopausal women, with more than half (53%) of women over 55 experiencing recurring UTIs (at least three UTIs over 12 months). Women entering perimenopause or menopause are more susceptible to UTIs because a decrease in estrogen production leads to changes in the urinary tract that make it more vulnerable to infection.

While infections in your urinary tract are not 100% avoidable, here are some tips to help reduce the likelihood of contracting a UTI:

Drink lots of water: One of the best ways to prevent a UTI is to urinate frequently so that as much bacteria as possible can be flushed out of your!system.The best way to urinate frequently is to drink lots of water.

Wipe front to back – Remember when!your parents taught you to wipe from front to back after you go to the bathroom? Think of this! as the golden rule of UTIs– that bacteria from the anal region does not belong around the vagina and urethra.

Avoid irritating products – Some feminine products, such as deodorant sprays, douches, and powders, can irritate the urethra and trigger a UTI. Also,certain types of birth control– like diaphragms and spermicidal agents– can increase the risk of infection.  Try to stick with none scented items if you must and mild soaps!

Urinate after sex – I know this is not always easy, sometimes you just want to doze off and rest but this really does help cut back on infection and is well worth the time and effort it takes!

Cotton will keep you dry – Bacteria that cause UTIs flourish in warm, moist environments. Underwear made from synthetic materials, such as nylon, polyester, or spandex, restricts airflow to the genitals. Cotton,on the other hand,is porous and keeps the genitals dry.

Go when you need to go – Holding it is never good. Not only is it uncomfortable, but it can also make it easier for bacteria to multiply in your urinary tract.

There will be times that no matter what you do a UTI will appear!  When this happens you need relief right away and although UTIs must be treated with a prescription antibiotic,  you can seek relief as soon as you begin to experience symptoms and think you have a UTI with URISTAT® Pain Relief Tablets. URISTAT® Pain Relief!

Tablets deliver fast, temporary relief of pain, burning and urgency and frequency of urination while you wait until you can see your doctor.

From the makers of MONISTAT®, overbthebcounter URISTAT ® Pain Relief Tablets contain phenazopyridine HCl,the #1doctor recommended ingredient used to treat UTI pain or discomfort.

For more information and for a $1 off coupon for URISTAT ® products, please visit here.  URISTAT® products are available in drug, mass and online retailers across the country, including Walmart, Walgreens, Kmart, Rite Aid, Kinney Drugs and

I  have received free product and promotional consideration from the makers of URISTAT® All opinions are 100 percent mine!

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  1. Robin (Masshole Mommy) says

    I had one when I was pregnant and it was no fun at all. Thankfully I haven’t had one since!

  2. Catherine S says

    This great information. Thankfully I have not had one in several years. This is just one more reason I should try to drink more water.

  3. Ann Bacciaglia says

    I have suffered from UTI’s for years. It is such a terrible feeling. I will have to try these tips.

  4. says

    Stop drinking sodas should be on the list. A friend of mine who never drank water and maybe 8 cups of coke a day gets frequent UTI

  5. says

    Ugh UTI. So fun. Not. I’ve only ever had them during pregnancy thankfully but they are awful. These are great tips!

  6. Megan @ C'mon Get Crafty says

    I had a few during my teenage years, and they were just awful. I’m so thankful it hasn’t been an issue since!

  7. Tracey says

    I feel like I am one of the rare people that has never had one! These are fantastic tips though.

  8. ESLJoy says

    Also, using toilet paper that is made from recycled paper is a trigger for many. It’s something in the chemicals used to clean the paper.

  9. R says

    Nix those plastic lined maxi pads and tampons. I used to get yeast infections or UTI’s every time I had a period and I always felt moist and gross and leaky down there for the duration of my period, I know that this will gross some people out but washable panty liners are the solution (I use a 100% cotton washcloth folded in thirds and held in place by gravity or a hand towel folded in 4ths at night). Replace it as often as you use the bathroom, carry a big purse and a gallon size zip lock bag in there for the dirty ones and soak them in cold water in a bin every night and wash on a cold water cycle (use the longer cycle) in the morning or a couple days later (hot water sets blood stains) the blood will come out with out staining the garment with just water and then dry on high to kill any germs. I know this will gross many people out but if you aren’t throwing out your panties every time you have a spill or your kids shirt every time he gets a nosebleed this is the same thing. Create less waste, keep your DNA and germs from festering in some garbage bag and leaching into ground water in a landfill some place. Save yourself $50.00 / yr. You already flush your blood having it drain out your washing machine is the same thing. I have never been healthier and and my trash can’s have never been fresher.


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