I’m getting very excited!  Tomorrow my post for Incourage will be live on their site, I will be back tomorrow to make sure I link you over.
“Incourage is a home for the heart’s of women.”  It’s the place that Dayspring (the Christian subsidiary of Hallmark) A great site for encouraging of Christian women. 
If you can check out today’s post under Daily Guest where my friend Heather will have an article, she is friend I met at my homeschool coop group.  Heather and her sister have a breathtaking blog over At The Picket Fence.   Check it out too, it is all about decorating and cooking and even blogging tips.  Her article today is called Weighing Your Worth!  I know you will be blessed by it, I sure was!
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    Angela! You are so sweet to mention my post today and our blog! I can’t wait to read yours tomorrow. I still can’t believe we had back to back posts!

    Have a beautiful Sunday tomorrow my friend!

    Heather @At The Picket Fence

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