(in)courage: God’s Provision

It is hard to believe that a year ago today we were in a totally different place. My husband like many around the nation lost his job of 11 years in September of 09. We immediately went to prayer and had many others praying with us. We began networking and letting everyone we know, that we were looking for a job. We started the resume process and followed every bit of advice we could from “job searching experts”. Although the economy was tough, we prayed that my husband’s time unemployed would be short and that we would prevail as believers and get a job quickly.

However, that didn’t happen, and for the first couple of months we barely received any phone calls.

Everyone we knew was getting the word out, even our pastor took our resume to pass out, but still nothing. His old company gave us several months’ membership to a career management expert to help with resume and interview skills. His old clients cared for him so much, that, even they made phone calls to higher ups and other employers but NOTHING came.

We begin questioning everything;

Didn’t God call us to homeschool?

Did he want us to keep our home, should we put it up for sale?

Should I look for full time work?

And on and on the questions went. We truly just wanted what HE wanted for us, but at times we didn’t know what that was.

To read the rest………come over to (in)courage and see me there!

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