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SS4 300x225 iTrace Handwriting App Makes Learning Fun

Quite a while back I reviewed an app called iTrace Handwriting!  The child can use their finger or the stylus to write their letter on the ipad and it is such a great way to learn letter formation.  I was amazed at my skill or maybe I should say lack of (my handwriting is HORRIBLE), staying straight was not all that easy.   If you have a child that constantly forms his/her letters wrong or backwards this is great because  playing with this app they will form new habits that I believe they will take with them to pen and paper.  This app helps them with their name,numbers, uppercase and lowercase letters, and words.    Many of us learned different methods for writing and this app supports multiple methods for writing certain letters.

Since the review Apple has featured the App for preschoolers and it has been downloaded over 20,000 times including by dozens of schools. They have received exceptional feedback from many parents whose kids learned handwriting using it (4.5 stars average rating).

The app now has some great updates:  They have added the following features that have been requested by many teachers and parents:
— iPhone and iPod Touch support (before it was available only for iPad)
— Support for all three most popular handwriting styles: Handwriting Without Tears (HWT), Zaner-Bloser and D’Nealian
— Support for cursive letters
— Ability to print paper worksheets right from the app, for those who want to practice on paper. Parents can actually SAVE on paper worksheets much more than they pay for the app

You can get more information about the app on our website:, or just check the app on AppStore:

Here is a great video to show you how it works!

iTrace — Handwriting for Kids from Michael Bogorad on Vimeo.

Here is another video on school testimonials:

The app is 3.99 at the itunes store and SO worth it!!

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