It’s A Wonderful Life!

I wanted to update you all a little about what is going on in our family. As you know my husband lost his job of 11 yrs. Septemember 30th was his last day. I would love to tell you that he has found a new job but he has not. It has been a time of trying to understand it all and a time of trusting for sure. There have been days where we have felt quite hopeless when we lay down to sleep and days that have us full of hope trusting our Savior. I would love to say that we never doubt or get scared and the waiting is so easy but I would be lying big TIME. It can be difficult but I can SAY we know God is with us and we have felt his presence in our lives throughout this difficult time! God has done some amazing things through his people and otherwise. He is growing us, helping us to rely day by day on him and that is an honor and privilage. We will be more like HIM when this trial is over and that brings us PEACE.
A friend of mine recently said, ” sometimes you will find when your most in need you will have more then you ever had” WOW, has that statement been true for the month of December. We have had countless friends and family bless us with money, gift cards, presents and much more. I work from home and my business has picked up too. People we don’t even know have blessed us and I’m in AWE of it all. I can’t tell you how much each one has meant to us and we do not take it for granted. I’m amazed that God LOVES me so much, I’m often undeserving for sure but HE loves me regardless.
On Christmas Eve we had a emergency plumbing problem. We made several calls, of course no one called back-it is CHRISTMAS EVE. We knew if we were lucky enough to have someone come out, it was going to COST us. My husband worked most of the day trying to fix it himself when he finally threw in the towel and said there was no way. We couldn’t use any toilet in the house which would mean we would have to leave our house and spend Christmas morning somewhere else. We had part of our hallway carpet soiled, it was so bad. Finally around 530 a man called us back and said he would come. He had worked all day and just got home to his family but he would do it. When he got here he realized he knew my husband from way back working on his parents home, he asked what my husband did for a living and my husband told him about his work but said that he had been laid off. I was rushing around trying to borrow money (cash) to pay him. My dad was going to loan it to us but really didn’t know how much it would be. At the end when the man was done, he said to my husband Merry Christmas! ” I was thinking on my way here how I wish there was someone I could bless tonight and now I know it was you that was to get that blessing.” He left his family to help us on Christmas Eve and did it for FREE! We just praised God all evening, it blessed our family members(many wept) they were so touched. My brother in law has a carpet cleaning business and loaned us the tools to fix our carpet and we were set! Isn’t GOD amazing? We had been praying all day God would help us-and HE did more then we could have imagined.
It truly has felt like my favorite Christmas story It’s a Wonderful Life.-God sees our willingness to Serve him, LOVE him and Follow Him. We are not perfect but he sees our hearts and HE honors us. Thank you Jesus! Isn’t it wonderful to know how much God is going to take care of us in our time of need? It is teaching us plenty!
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  1. Anonymous says

    It was really moving when he told me that it was his gift to me, and to do something nice for someone else. I really made me think about life and people in it. God blessed us when I don't even feel worthy of it. It makes me want to live up the the blessings, which is a good thing…

  2. mom says

    Never a moment too soon or too late and ALWAYS more abundantly than we could ever imagine! God is good all the time! All the time God is good!

    Perhaps that greatest lesson found in God's goodness to us is remembering to pass on His love to someone else…I have no doubt that your family will do that, Angela!


    Thanks for the Godbumps tonight!

    Tammy ~@~

  3. Jen@Scrapingirl says

    WOW!! I have chills now. That is a wonderful story. God is amazing. I am praying your hubby finds work. God bless you and your family, AND the guy who left his family, on Christmas eve, to help another.

  4. Pam says

    That was a wonderful story, Angela! Thanks for sharing it with us. I hope your hubby finds a job soon. I'll keep praying.

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