Jabu’she Skin Care Review & {Giveaway}

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I am very close to 40 now, like-really close.  My next birthday close!  I really can’t believe it, I remember when I thought 40 was SO old-now that I am almost here I don’t feel old.  Actually it is a time in my life I am really enjoying.  Life really must begin at 40-I’m more confident, I know what I want and don’t want out of life and I’m more comfortable in my own shoes then I have ever been.   I never want to be the woman that is obsessed with getting older, I think wisdom comes with age and a lot of natural beauty with that (I know the culture would probably disagree) but that is my thought on it.  However all that said I do like to look nice and if I can use a skin care system that makes my skin look healthy and shiny and can hold out on the wrinkles a little longer I’m all for it!


Jabu’she Skin Care is an award winning Swedish anti aging skin care line.   Jabu’she is a skin care line for everyone who wants to improve the look and feel of aging or  sun-damaged skin. Jabu’she also gives the skin a finer luster, increased vitality, and fewer visible pores.

They sent me their Jabu’she 24 hour creme, soft. to try out for myself.  I am really enjoying it!  It has such a soft feeling in my hand and face and it has a light scent that I LOVE (it reminds me of a very soft baby powder) !  My face feels radiant afterwards and so soft.  I struggle a great deal with really dry skin (especially on my face) so I really love how smooth and soft my face feels when I’m wearing it.  I have been blessed so far in the wrinkle area (not too many that can be seen) but I’m glad I found something I like to help with prevention!  I also love the way I feel when I’m wearing the 24 hr crème.


Jabu’she soft 24 hour cream is an anti-aging cream that helps revitalize the appearance of aging skin. Contains the unique formulation QAL-100 which has antioxidant properties. Daily use helps make the skin glow, helps minimize the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and helps minimize the appearance of pores. This soft 24 hour cream improves and maintains your skin’s glow and reduces hyperpigmentation. Apply morning and evening after thorough cleansing. May be combined with other products in the series.

I love that it has a very light scent to it and makes you feel pretty!  It Jabu’she is made in Sweden and you can purchase it online from Amazon or their website.  You can get 25 percent off if you order before May 31st, use the promo code MOM25

Giveaway:  I’m having a giveaway for the Jabu’she 24 hour creme, soft for a reader to try out.  To enter just join the widget below.  Open to US residents only!

Jabu’she sent me this product to review for my honest opinion. All opinions are 100 percent mine

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  1. Tracy Molina says

    I too am turning 40 this year. I have not used any anti-aging products yet, but am considering it.

  2. Tammy S says

    I really start with eye cream using some anti aging products when I can afford it.

  3. Amanda B says

    I’m 38, and I’m noticing that I probably need to use something. Have tried Mary Kay product.

  4. Karen Glatt says

    Yes, I use anti-aging products to help me with keeping my skin smooth and it really works.

  5. Melinda Dartmann says

    Yes I am, I started when I was about 45. I use a full regiment of products, everything from foaming face wash to moisturizers. Every little bit to put it off helps.

  6. BlackAsphodel says

    No, not on a regular basis, but I do try some out.

    My e-mail: blackasphodel(at)yahoo(dot)com

  7. latoya says

    I have not started actively using anti-aging products, I’ve really been focusing on products that moisturize.

  8. lynette says

    some, im fond of the avani dead sea serum which is great and it smells so nice. and maybe some OTC stuff but otherwise no

  9. Sondra says

    I try to use anti aging products when I can afford them. I’m 27 with oily skin. Ick! Would love to try this.

  10. Eustacia Miliusis says

    No I am not using any anti-aging products! I should be using them!

  11. ky2here says

    yes, yes and yes. Perricone’s cold plasma, placenta night cream (I know, my vegan friends have disowned me), Enzyme Q10, retinol and I’m still a troll.

  12. lauren knott says

    I use some wrinkle creams but haven’t found anything that I love yet. I’m 33 but I really want to look young as long as I can (like everyone, right?) 🙂

  13. Jennifer Reed says

    I am not using any anti-aging products yet but it is time to find the right combination of products.

  14. Mary A says

    I do use some anti-aging products but only what I can afford. Many are too expensive for me.

  15. Brittney House says

    I want to because I think im at that age but I don’t know what works and what doesn’t

  16. Rachel Ellis says

    I have just started using anti-aging products but I wish I had started earlier because I have a lot of fine lines and small wrinkles.

  17. Michelle Cain says

    I currently use Avon’s ANEW products. I am always willing to try something else. Thanks for the contest!

  18. Amanda Rauch says

    No, but I really should be-almost 40 and definitely seeing some areas of concern around the eyes

  19. JR Pickett says

    Yes I do and have been since I was about 30. I figured it didn’t hurt to get ahead of the game.

  20. Holly S. says

    Yes! I’m 33 and already need them. I’m still looking for a good match. Thanks!

  21. Fiona N says

    Yes I started to use anti aging cream 5 years ago!
    Thanks for the chance to enter


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