Jane Austen Party Part 2

My friend did a great job in decorating her home for the party, there were simple beautiful things out that just made the atmosphere perfect. Nice dishes, beautiful treats and Jane Austen books and movies on display. She made it a beautiful relaxing time and I felt refreshed after being there. Here are some pictures of decor, for the next and last segment I will blog about all the activities we did while we were there so stay tuned……………………………………………, if you are interested in my first post you can find it HERE.


The piano open with several Jane Austen movies.

I loved this Jane Austen handbook, we were able to read all about proper etiquette of the time period, some of the things in the book were very funny. All the proper things you needed to know to make it in high society.

The food my friend prepared tasted as good as it looked, YUM! Makes me hungry just looking at them again.

Nice tea set that we had our tea party with, I will talk about that next time.
Pretty napkins to use!

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  1. alecat says

    You friend certainly created a wonderful atmosphere. 🙂
    Catherine (aka alecat, via TOS)

  2. Jen says

    Oh I love Jane Austen! I think that would be a great idea for my daughter's birthday or for a ladies luncheon. I enjoyed this post.

    I'm a part of the TOS Crew just visiting a few blogs today. Have a great day.

  3. Tina says

    What about the follow up? I'd like to know more about the party. I'm having a Jane Austen party soon and would like some ideas.


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