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Thanks to the US Family Guide, we were introduced to The Juno Company! We received The Day The Music Stopped DVD to review. Bunny presses the big red button on Murphy’s Shush Machine, and accidently silences the town of Harmonia Springs. Juno realizes that, in order to bring life back to the town, she and her friends have to create their own music through melody, harmony, rhythm and friendship.

I love how this DVD adds so much information on music, the dvd was too young for my children but I gave it to my friends grandchild and he LOVED it, you should have seen him dance. It had some great tunes and beautiful scenes in it. The story was very cute and also included activities that the child could do like find the picture like I spy.

We also received the gift bag above, it was a large spacious bag, I LOVE it with the Juno logo on it.
The company was founded by orchestral composer/mom, and is all about learning through music. They have a collection of DVDs, CDs, books, and toys. It’s a mixture of live puppets and animation, with the puppets having been created with help from the Jim Henson crew. The Juno Company brands have won numerous awards including an Emmy for the Juno Baby series. This is what the website says about how important they think music is to children.

Our goal at The Juno Company is to inspire a love for beautiful music. That being said, there is a significant amount of research that suggests early exposure to music has many benefits. For example, music skills were found to correlate significantly with both phonological awareness and reading development in preschool children.[2] In addition, music has been shown to play a significant role in language and cognitive development.[3] For example, you might notice that a toddler can only speak in two or three word phrases but has the ability to sing long phrases of familiar songs. We feel it is very important to expose children to music.

You can follow Juno Baby on Facebook and Twitter, and check out their YouTube channel
The Juno Company donates a special music education DVD to a child in need for every product purchased through their One for All program. Buy One. Give One.

If you have a preschooler that LOVES music you have to try Juno!

Thanks to Juno for supplying the dvd and bag for my honest review!

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