Just Dance 4 {Review}

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Wii Dance 4 is out just in time for the holidays and we are enjoying it!  This is so much fun, like the other wii dances you get to have fun while dancing and you also get a good workout!  This works all the muscles you have out and it is a blast to play!

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My daughter has had so much fun with this game, she plays it EVERY DAY!  I like that she is getting exercise while doing something fun!  This one even an Elvis song, we love Elvis around here so we were so excited to see that!

This game has over 40 tracks and dances and a variety of music.  It has battle mode where you can compete with each other, Bring Your Crew where every member shines for unique moves, Upgraded Just Sweat, this is interesting because it has a real calorie counter-if you are doing those points or counting calories this would make a GREAT way to earn some extras, and Discover More Dance-this is where you unlock althernative chorographies for special routines.

This will be a blast on Thanksgiving, Just Dance is such a fun party game, we played the 3rd one on New Years Eve and there was so much laughter and fun.  It really causes the whole room to just laugh and forget their problems.  So if your getting a party ready for the holiday time, this would be PERFECT.

Some ideas for Thanksgiving play would be:

  • Play the game all together after dinner to bond (from grandparents to little ones)
  • Sleepy from the tryptophan in the turkey after dinner? Get the blood flowing (and some friendly completion!) with a Battle Mode round
  • Burn off the calories from that extra piece of Pumpkin Pie

wii dance 2

You can order Just Dance 4 for 38.99 on Amazon or anywhere games are sold.  You can also get Just Dance 4 for XBox, or PS3.

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