Free Kids Kit from Kelly Kits

Kelly Kits encourage art play using a wide variety of creative tools & materials beyond what coloring books can offer. The Original Kelly Kit comes complete with one set of five unique activities that cover the five art disciplines: painting, drawing, sculpting, printmaking, & collage. Each kit contains all of the tools & materials needed for the activities, the user just needs access to a kitchen! To increase functionality for homeschooling parents, each activity includes an instruction card with an enrichment idea to adapt the art activity to a school lesson. Kelly Kits are designed to encourage creativity & teach!

Get a FREE Children’s Art Kelly Kit Delivered to Your Door!  A $9.99 Value

To get your FREEBIE click HERE & use  Promo Code: USFG99

I will receive a free product in exchange for this post. I was not compensated for sharing this information with my readers.
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  1. Laura says

    I was interested in this; however, when I go to checkout at the website, it does not supply identity info and doesn’t show that it is secure. I hesitated to enter my CC info there. Is there a way they can fix that? Thanks!

  2. Angela says

    Here is th response from the company. Thanks so much!

    “Our site is secure meaning when the shopping cart pulls up for payment the url goes from a http: which is unsecure to https: which is secure. The ‘s’ means secure domain. Since we use a 3rd party to shopping cart that’s why when the site is scan it shows as unsecure. Hints we are not secure until you are in the shopping cart and that’s why it changes. If you reader performs a scan on the site while in the shopping cart it will come back secure.”


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