Kids Traveling Through Kentucky

traveling3 I LOVE to take a day trip with my family.  Recently we drove a couple of hours and took a boat ride on the Kentucky River and had a wonderful time.  It is just so nice to get out as a family and take in a beautiful scene or a part of history.  The state of Kentucky has so much history and so many beautiful places to see.  We are in a prime place because we are in the Northern part of Kentucky so we are close to Ohio and Indiana too so we can find some great places in all three states that are only a couple of hours or less a way.  I also love to find the frugal and/or free places.  Money is tight so I want to make memories with my kids and still stay with a budget.

We have decided that every 6 weeks (or about) we are going to take a day trip so our children can learn more about their state.   We are going to use the book Kids Love KY  and the state book (you can find these through your state website)  to guide us.  My favorite travel resource website is Kids love travel.   George and Michele Zavatsky have done such a great job in providing resources to help parents find great places to travel to when you are in particular states that kids love.  You pick the state your going to and they have all the places kids love when you go there in their books, we already have three of them.  They have been to so many places, they even know the secrets to going to places at certain times.  For example a history place that might typically be boring for a young child, they will tell you to go there on homemade ice cream day and it brings the place to life and kids end up having a great time.  LOVE that!  You can buy the e-version and load them on your kindle or nook.

We have already been to some of the places of course so we are going to start with places we haven’t been to or at least my kids haven’t been to.  I thought it would be fun to blog about each place and what we loved and didn’t love about the place.  I already have a couple of post lined up for the series.  I will be calling it Kids Traveling Through KY.  I have a travel board on my PInterest site so make sure you follow me there, I will post all of our trips there!   If you live in Kentucky or near make sure you Subscribe so you don’t miss anything.  Also if you don’t live nearby think about all that your own state or nearby states have!  You would be surprised at all the gems you find you may not have even known about.

I have a great post about getting through the car rides!  Make sure you check that out too!

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