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Not Back to School Blog Hop

We are actually changing many rooms around right now. It is a big undertaking but we felt like we needed to make our home more fuctional for us. The pictures below is currently the school room, it is behind our family room, half of the room is family room, half is school. I work from home for an attorney and I have no office and always have paper work everywhere so we are taking a large bedroom that is currently my daughters and making it a school room/office, moving her to the boys room and the boys are coming downstairs to this current school room. Everyone is excited about getting new rooms and new spaces and this will make our home work more for us. So I will post pics of the new school room next month but it will look like this, only bigger. I like a big table for everyone to sit out and of course I have my workbox system and my cabinets. It will be great having more wall space too.

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  1. Miller Moments says

    Love how organized you are, especially the jars. What a fun colorful way to store pens, markers, etc.

  2. Jenn says

    Thanks for sharing your room with us. I like the jars, too! Much easier to find and replace rather than worrying about boxes!

  3. Sheri says

    oooh, your room has a nice, cottagey feel to it. I wanna come visit! I have used jars for a long time for that purpose, but when we moved here, I got rid of em and now I need em again! LOL…very pretty and comfy place to learn. :0)

  4. mom says

    It is fun switching things around, isn't it? We won't be doing that for school this fall, but with bedrooms in a couple of weeks when another one leaves for college. Let's just say I have a very excited daughter at the moment as she anticipates FINALLY having a room to herself!

    Tammy ~@~

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