Lighting Up the House!

We have lived in our home for 14 years now.  Like most homeowners we have changed many things around the house to make it a great fit for our family.  I remember when we moved in,  our kitchen SCREAMED 1970.  It had awful mustard yellow walls and floor and a hippie like light fixture hanging down near the wall, wow it was awful!  We painted the walls, bought  wood floors and added track lighting, it looks so much brighter and more cheerful to be in.  Track lighting can add so much to your home, it can give extra light where needed or give a nice comfortable cozy look. 

Track Lighting, WAC Lighting, LBL Lighting, Tech Lighting

I love a well lit home especially as much as I love to read, scrapbook, and of course BLOG!   There are so many great choices when picking out lighting for your homes these days which makes it even more fun!  I do not have a home/decorating blog(above picture, not my house, LOL) but I have done some simple things around the house that I would love to show off in future post to show you how we made changes around here to fit this homeschooling work at home family.  So stay tuned……….

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