Lunch Helper

One of the chores I have been assigning lately to my kids is lunch helper.  This is also great at breakfast and dinner.  I truly can’t believe how much time I save by having the help.  They get things out of the fridge for me, pour drinks, put veggies, chips, or whatever side item on the plates and the best part is they seem to ENJOY it.  Even your youngest can set the table, put cold food on plates and throw things away for you, I know with the younger ones it takes work and a little extra time but is well worth it when you have a full fledge helper in no time.  I’m just amazed how often we forget how much help our children can be to us.  Get out those chore charts or packs or list or whatever you use for chore time and add kitchen helper.  You can assign a different child each day or let one serve all week or month(I find that easier), I have three children so each child can help with a different meal each week.  Don’t forget to use making meal or snack time to have great conversation with your kids, it is a great time to bond with them.

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