How to Make Small Gatherings Extra Special

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Smaller and more personal events are indeed some of the most memorable. While rose champagne are irresistibly sparking and are great gift ideas, there are other suggestions that can greatly improve the appeal of any intimate gathering. Barring a formal luncheon with its own decorum, you are likely searching for a few great tips that will enable your upcoming event to offer lasting memories. Let’s take a brief look at some sure-fire suggestions that are bound to please every guest.


Soft music is a great way to break up any sense of awkwardness; especially if the guests are not completely familiar with one another. Choose the selection carefully and if possible, you can even decide to ask the attendees their personal favourites beforehand.


Harsh lighting can be uncomfortable and even stressful to many people. If possible, try to adjust any nearby fixtures so that they reflect warm and inviting hues. This will present an inviting and welcoming ambiance; allowing everyone to breathe a bit easier. If you only use incandescent lights, heading to the local arts and crafts store will usually give you the option to purchase a few pastel-coloured bulbs.

Finger Foods

Offering a tasty selection of small snacks or finger foods is another suggestion that should be considered. When your guests have the ability to choose what they desire, they will be placed more at ease. Of course, the last thing you want is a group of friends or colleagues with grumbling stomachs! Stick to familiar varieties and avoid any exotic dishes that may not be agreeable with certain guests.

Live Sporting Events

This is a great idea if you know that your attendees are avid sports fans. Take a look at reliable online portals that will provide you with schedules of any upcoming matches. Sports are a great ice breaker and they will add an extra level of levity to a gathering. Still, keep in mind that not everyone is keen on soccer or cricket. It is a good idea to determine this before you plan to watch a game.

Of course, there are many other options such as board games and small gift baskets that will leave a lasting impression with your guests. With a bit of foresight and placing yourself in the proverbial “shoes” of those who will attend, you can be certain that all parties involved will enjoy the next gathering.

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