Map Skills From Soli de Gloria

I was given a free download of the Map Skills E-book from Soli deo Gloria Resources. This e-book is a three week map skills unit study created for grades K-3 which teaches foundational geography and map-reading skills. This book uses many hands-on, practical activities, games, crafts and worksheets, this unit provides a fun means for teaching your students to read and create maps, follow directions and gain an orientation to the world in general. Worksheets and answer keys are provided, which tie biblical concepts of directions in to the study.
This Ebook cost $11.50. For a little more you can buy a binded book. This ebook is EXCELLENT for your children who have not yet dived into geography or know much about maps. It is a very fun hands on program, if you are looking to add some fun into your homeschool this is a great way to do it. Your kids will learn all about drawing their own maps, directional simon says and get to have Map Scavenger Hunts and Compass Treasure Hunts(which are wonderful) and much more. Again there are several things in here that would make EXCELLENT workbox activities. I also love that they are adding Biblical concepts with verses and more, getting more biblical worldview in to their studies is something very important to me. I love their name Soli Deo Gloria “To God Alone the Glory” AWESOME! Map Skills is not the only book they have either, check out the homeschool crew site to see other books they have. If your child has taken an in depth geography program this would probably be beyond them, it is geared for children with little knowledge of maps. However if you are doing geography now or in the future this would make a great supplement

or a great stand alone program about map skills.
This is from their website:
Soli Deo Gloria is Latin for “To God Alone the Glory.” It is one of the benchmarks of the reformation and necessary for the reformation of our thoughts regarding the education of our children.

Our unit studies and other curriculum are designed to cause learners to be captivated by God’s “bigger picture.” All of life, including math, science, history and language arts, is part of God’s HUGE redemptive plan. Seeing God’s hand at work in all of life, and seeing each piece as part of a larger picture is one of the main goals of education. Glorifying Him through all that we do, all that we learn, and all that we are is ultimately what we are called to do as His children.

As a member of the Homeschool Crew, I was given this product to review. I was not paid for this post. All opinions expressed in this post are mine.
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