Math Facts Now!


Math Facts Now is a math drill program that can either be instantly downloaded or can be ordered on CD-ROM. This program is most commonly used by children in the K-6 range, and is guaranteed to be effective, or you get your money back.


Does your child struggle to know those dreaded Math Facts? Maybe you have tried flashcards, fun games, or more to help them remember. This program is very simple, no frills AT ALL! Actually there is beauty in simplicity and makes the program very successful. This would make a great program for a homeschooler or traditional school student. Students all over struggle with math facts and this would be a great program for them to practice on at home, it doesn’t matter what curriculum they use for math either, it always applies. You as the parent or teacher can set how many seconds you want the fact answered and you can set how many problems they have. They sit down at the computer(I find headphones are great for this so they are not so distractred) and take the quiz, the ones they struggle with come around more often in the quiz to give them more and more chances to improve and the best part, it WORKS! Your children get better and better, my oldest son has struggled with those higher mulitplication numbers, he is enjoying the contest (boys always love to compete with the clock) and has improved the short time we have had the program. This makes a GREAT workbox activity. Just put a note in their box that they spend so many minutes on their Math Facts program. I loved that I could have all three children do it at separate times on the math they are working on. I will say my middle child with dyslexia finds it stressful so we have taken out for him, he stresses anytime he is timed on anything which can be a common thing for children with learning issues. I still believe he will do better as he grows and will try it again later. I believe children with no learning issues will have NO problem with the program, I love the company gives you your money back if you don’t see improvement so you lose nothing for trying it.

Parents have choices in how their children practice their math facts because they are able to customize lessons in the following ways:

  • Parents can choose which functions (addition, subtraction, multiplication, or division) and the specific numbers to drill. For instance you can create a lesson where your child will only practice adding 9 to numbers 0-12.
  • Parents can choose the number of correct problems required for each session.
  • Parents can choose how much time their child is given to enter their answers.
  • Parents can choose how many times your child needs to repeat a missed problem.
  • Parents can choose a reward for your child when he completes his lesson, if desired.
  • Parents can create, save and reuse lessons
  • Parents have the ability to create multiple users.
  • Parents have the ability to keep track of each child’s progress and mastery of their math facts through reviewing past performance and progress reports

The program cost 15.95 if you download it and 19.90 if you buy the CD Rom that has to be shipped to you.

As a member of the Homeschool Crew, I was given this product to review. I was not paid for this post. All opinions expressed in this post are mine.
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