This time of year always makes me think of mother in law even more. It is crazy, she was never a lover of fall, she always said, I can’t love fall-it means winter is coming. She loved the hot hot weather. However she was diagnosed with liver cancer in October, last night we did our anual pumpkin carvings with my father in law and I still remember three years ago just a few days before getting the terrible news doing our last one with her. To make it worse the funeral of her best friend was yesterday, it just brought it all back. Her best friend died at 67 too just like her and in a too familiar way. Just three weeks ago they found 3 brain tumors and now she is already home with Jesus and Judy, I still can’t believe it. Judy had two months after hers was found and I thought that was quick. Her best friend was named Judy too and I will never forget her and I sitting outside of intensive care just crying our eyes out, never in a million years would I have thought just three years later Judy H would be seeing Judy R in heaven. I’m sure it was a BEAUTIFUL reunion though, I truly can’t imagine! I’m not ready to go home yet, I still have a family to raise and things God wants me to do on earth but I’m a little jealous, to see my mother in law for just a moment would be so great! How I miss her!

My life has truly not been the same without her, it is like a huge part just got taken away. No more daily phone talks, updates on the children, Thursday hang outs, no one running over to take care of me when I’m sick (crazy I know, I’m all grown up) I would think after three years I would have had a day where she didn’t cross my mind but you know I don’t think I have. She is always there somewhere. However time does heal and of course it is easier to move on now and I believe it is what we are meant to do-Move on and live the life God has assigned us to until he calls us home! Move on and make new memories and continue life! She will always be a part of us, her traditions live on just like last night when we did our pumpkin carvings that she started. She has taught me so much about motherhood and about being a mother in law (which someday I will). God knows the pain I have with my loss, HE always knows and HE cares and HE is there to wrap me up in HIS love and comfort me-Praise HIS name for that, without HIM it would be hopeless! I miss her but I carry on knowing we will be reunited and oh what a celebration that will be!

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  1. mom says


    Brain tumor and 67 years old are NOT my favorite words either as they echo my mom's experience….

    The seasons of grieving are rather interesting, aren't they? I've been more recently going through a time of "I wonder what mom would think about this?!" lately about several different things that have happened within my daily life……a question that will never have an answer and instead leaves me kind of feeling lost at times. Thank goodness that God IS right there during those times reminding me that He will never leave me and I can trust Him with all those moments! He is faithful and we will see them again just as your two Judys have been reunited! Imagine that……

    Tammy ~@~

  2. Becky says

    I know you're thankful to have had that close of a relationship with your mother-in-law. That is a wonderful blessing!

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