Mrs. Smiths & Edwards Desserts {Review}

Founded back in 1950, Edwards has been committed to providing customers with convenient, great-tasting frozen desserts made with premium, high-quality ingredients ever since. Even better, their large variety of mouth-watering pies and desserts are  available as whole pies as well as in convenient individual servings, so there’s something for everyone.

I LOVE pie!  It is one of my favorite desserts and Edwards frozen desserts makes the best frozen pies I have ever had.  For several years now when I need to have a dessert or bring something and I don’t have a chance to bake I pick up a pie made by Edwards.  I think they are the BEST!  The cookies n cream are my all time favorite, actually everyone in the family loves them.  My brother is the one who introduced them to me, he brought one over for dinner once and I was HOOKED!  So So good!


Have you ever wanted to know the best way to prepare and cut a pie, here are some great tips!

Some great tips on preparing your pie:


  •  Slice Pie Like A Pro: To avoid a crumbly mess, start with a sharp chef’s knife, and store both the knife and a pie server in boiling water, thoroughly drying them before cutting into the pie. The water will heat the metal, so as you cut, the knife will slightly dissolve the sugars in the pie, making for a clean break. If you’re cutting multiple slices, precut the entire pie before using the pie server to scoop the pieces out of the tin.


  • Transport Your Pie Without The Mess: The last ingredient you’d expect to pair with your beautifully baked cream pie is pasta, but just hear us out. Instead of risking a mussed-up whipped cream topping with a close-fitting cover during transport, stand a few strands of uncooked spaghetti or linguine in the pie and suspend a sheet of plastic wrap over the pasta. Don’t try this with toothpicks, which are likely to sink down into the pie.
  • Ace The Final Presentation: Once your pie is ready, scoop it into ramekins and top with whipped cream, fruit toppings or your favorite sprinkles. (As an added bonus, with each Mrs. Smith’s purchase, you’ll receive $1 off Cool Whip!) Or, why not add a fun design? Try the Cinnamon Fork – start with a clean plate and fork. Then, dust cinnamon over the fork and remove the fork. Lastly, plate the pie!

dutch apple pie

Mrs. Smith also makes a great pie!  If you are looking for a traditional homemade pie feel but don’t have the time for baking Mrs. Smith is the way to go.  It reminds me of those hot homemade apple pies you see in the movies or books, the ones you can smell while still being outside.  The crust is to do die for!

When Amanda Smith baked her first pies in the kitchen of her Pottstown, Pennsylvania home, she used the finest ingredients and amazing attention to detail to create the finest pies available. Amanda Smith started by baking pies for family, friends and charity events, but when her son, Robert Smith, convinced her to sell her pies, a business was born. Today, the makers of MRS. SMITH’S® desserts continue the tradition started by Amanda Smith, delivering pies and cobblers with made-from-scratch goodness you can see and taste. MRS. SMITH’S® pies and cobblers … a timeless tradition.

Mrs. Smith and Edwards sent me a pie to review.  All opinions are 100 percent mine!

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