Back To School Photos

I am a week late for the NOT  back to school hop but thought it would be fun to take some pictures of my kids outside while the weather is beautiful and it would be great to see how they are growing up.  We do not start until next week, it is always so hectic the first few days of school that I thought I would take the pics this week.

My oldest is Sam, he is a avid reader, has a gentle spirit and a gift in catching on to any subject quickly.  He also is a great piano player.  I can’t believe he is going into 7th grade.  Wow, 7th grade-that means I will be teaching a middle schooler-truly where has the time went?  I am very proud of the young man Sam is becoming and can’t wait to see what God will use him for in the future!

Zach is full of life and is my dare devil (pic reveals the more daring side of him)  He is super excited about life in general and he thrills our hearts with his excitement.  He has special learning issues (dyslexia) and learning does not come easy for him.  However he has the best handwriting in the house (just beautiful) and a special knack for building things, catching details no one else can catch, and drawing.  He also has a deep faith and taught his parents more about life then we could ever teach him.  Special need children have a way of doing that you know!

Allie is my only daughter!  She is smart as a whip and loves school time.  She has been spending her time this summer playing school in our school room with anyone that will play with her.  She is a great artist and is starting to enjoy homemaking, let me tell you that is a MIRACLE, she used to give me the worst time with any task she had been giving at home but God is working on her heart and I clearly see it and it is beautiful!  She is the first to do her chores and the first to want to help me make something beautiful!  I LOVE my boys and wouldn’t trade them for anything but I feel so blessed HE gave us a daughter too (a longing in my heart that HE fulfilled)

I am so proud of these kids!  I feel blessed beyond measure that God has blessed us with them!  May God use them for HIS glory!

To see our first week with what curriculum we use, just click here.

To see our second week with what our school room looks like click here.

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