My Sweet Sweet Boy!

My middle son turns nine today, wow!  Where has the time went?  This little boy that God has given us has brought us many challenges, he is my special needs kid with dyslexia and some other issues as well.  But what a gift he has been in our lives, he just wows us with his excitement for life and has such a strong faith already.  My husband and I have grown so much and have learned so MUCH from having Zach, many times I thought I would never be able to train this strong will or teach him to read but God has been with us through it all and we are seeing the fruit of all the work and prayers.  God is Faithful and I can’t wait to see what HE will do with this boy!

 Last night him and I were taking a night swim together in our pool and he told me that he wanted to accept Jesus as Savior, so through prayer  him and I in the darkness lifted up his sweet prayers to the Lord.  The angels rejoice as another child of God accepts Jesus as Lord of all!   I told him, “there will be nothing greater that you do in you whole life as what you did tonight, you will now spend eternity with Jesus and your family.  Praise God!

So as my son celebrates his earthly birthday, this mama celebrates most that her son now has his name in the Book of Life and that Jesus will be his Lord.  Praise HIS name!

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  1. Becky says

    That is so neat to hear about Zach accepting Jesus and even better that you were there too.

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