My Thankful List

Well I have seen so many thankful list, I love reading them. Everyone that has done them have made me realize how much we have to be thankful for. I love Monicas tradition of doing the ABC thankful list, I have been commenting everyday on each letter she puts out so I thought I would put my whole list on my blog. So here goes!

A- Allie, my only daughter and my baby who I love so much. I can’t believe she is almost 4 already! A little girl I have to share my jewlrey and have tea parties with, a little girl who I hope grows up to be a woman of God and a great friend of mine.

B-Boys, for a long time I only had boys. Wow, how fun they are. I never could have imagined what boys would bring to my life as mom.

C-Church, I still go to my childhood church, a small church that is truly family. We don’t have a lot of bells and whistles but I wouldn’t trade it for anything. A church that teaches the word of God and has enough love to keep you.

D- My dad! A man who is not biologically my father but you would never know. He has loved me like his own since I was one and introduced me to a man named Jesus! Thank you dad!

E-Eric, the man I married 13 years ago, the love of my life. Without you I wouldn’t be who I am today, I look forward to growing old together

F- Family, I am so blessed with my family at home as well as with my extended family. I am so blessed in this area.

G- girlfriends-they say you are lucky to have one great friend in life, I’m so blessed to have many. The times I have turned to my friends for a broken heart or major trial or rejoiced with them in great times. I love each one of them, and each one has brought something different to my life!

H-my home. I used to be down on my home, all the time wishing for something better. The Lord has changed that, it may not be fancy or my dream home but its mine. Everyday I turn into my driveway now I thank the Lord that I have a place to be, that my children our warm and happy memories are taken place there. Thank you Jesus for my home

I- ice cream, the all time comfort food!

J-Jesus, my Lord and Saviour-without him I would be nothing! Thank you dear Jesus for paying a price you didn’t have to pay so that I could spend eternity with you.

K- my kitty cats, what stress relief they are. I love the way they sleep all the time in the most comfy places and show us affection when we need them the most!

L- Love, without it life would be empty!

M-mom, thankful for the overnights and shopping trips and us just laughing our heads off together and mom-in-law who is fighting a deadly disease with courage and a fighting spirit, I have learned more from you then you will ever know.

N-my niece and nephew (I have one of each) I love being your aunt, I hope I can measure up to be a great one to you both. Love you guys!

O-Optimism- I love the glass half full approach although I haven’t always taken it. I love to be optimistic for the future and am thankful for it.

P-Piano, I love to hear my son play!

Q-Quiet, being a homeschooler and having everyone around all the time I do cherish the quiet times I have, it sure makes you appreciate those times although I know someday it will be too quiet!

R-my last name which I wear proudly since marrying the love of my life!

S-Sam, my firstborn, my son. The most kind , good hearted child I have ever know. Already at 8 a boy who believes firmly in prayer. I can’t wait to see how the Lord is going to use you. I love you!

T-The telephone (where I’m sure I’m on too much), I have shared so many things on the telphone with good friends and family, so many times I have been so excited to just pick it up to share good news or to just reach out to someone in the midst of hearbreak.

U-umbrella, my sister in law bought me a huge one with polka dots last year because I wanted one my whole family would fit under. I LOVE it!

V-my van, a gift from my inlaws in 2004 and what a gift it was. It has taken our family on vacations, trips around town, dr. visits, grocery shopping, christmas light seeing and all kinds of other places.

W-The Word, my manual and map for life. I would not know what to do without it, I’m thanful I live in a country I can carry it freely and do not have to hide it, may it always be so!

X-xmas, I hate to use that word for Christmas but I’m desperate for an X word. Thank you God for sending your son that wonderful night, what a sacrifice-we could never repay you! How blessed I am to know HIM as saviour.

Y- My yard is large and fenced in. I love sitting in my swing under the tree and watching my children play or my 90pound lab run around. My dh built the kids a huge swingset last year and its so much fun even for me.

Z-Zach, my middle child who is full of life and spunk. He is full of emotion and when he is excited he gets the whole house excited. He is mommas boy all the way. He loves, I mean LOVES cars and trucks and has overcame so many obstacles (late talker, etc) I can’t believe how he is maturing. Love you little man!

Feel free to leave any of your thanksgivings this year, I would love to hear them.

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