My Updated School Room

I have a small space down in my family room that I use for school, basically one half is where we watch movies and have a seating area with a fireplace and the other half is my school room. I’m very grateful for my space, I know many who would love to have it but in the past we have not used it as much as I would have liked. The problems have been there isn’t much natural light at all and it is downstairs however I have been adding light as much as I can for this year. I also had a table and chairs that wasn’t working for me at all, my whole family couldn’t really sit there and it wasn’t comfortable. So this year I have made some changes. My dad gave me a used dining room table which I love! I LOVE having the family sit together, I even have a chair now. I have my workboxes and a great table for a fun center which I hope to show you soon with some cool stuff on it. I am even going to bring a small end table down we never use for another small center (getting these ideas from the workbox system)
I love mason jars and I saw this idea to put pencils and markers. I need some wider ones though so I can fit more.
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  1. Stephani says

    Hi. I just happened on your site. I am all for homeschooling. I don't have any kids, but if I did I think I would homeschool. A guy I work with won a $6000 home office and they used it to set up their homeschool. They homeschool all 3 of their kids. Anyway, lots of interesting things on your site. God bless.

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