Need Prayer

I have not blogged in a while. Please remember to pray for me, I have been sick since Thursday with some pretty bad stomach pain. My dr. took blood today to see if my ulcer is back (had an infected one years ago) and to check for other things too! It is really taken a toll on me. Also my husbands last day at work is Wednesday (he was let go after 11 yrs recently because another company bought the techs) He does still have a few months of pay left (praise God) but his last week is hitting me harder then I thought. So if you remember, say a prayer for us, hopefully I will be blogging soon!


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  1. Mimi says

    I will keep you close to my heart in thought and prayer. I know all too well what it feels like when your stomach acts up. It is miserable, just miserable. It has to be sure a worry that your hubby has lost his job. I just heard that unemployment has been extended. I know that isn't a job, but at least he will have a little extra time to find another.

  2. Luke says

    Lord, I ask that You will provide for Angela and her family. Lead her husband to the next position You want him in. May it be full of joy, meaning and be even better than his last position. Give the doctor's wisdom as they look over Angela's blood work, and may she return to full health soon. Amen!


  3. Scrapingirl says

    I will be praying for you and your family. This economy is truning everyone upside down. I am very sorry.

  4. Tammi Kay says

    Lord, please bless Angela and her family. Give them peace and faith in this difficult time. Give Angela's doctors wisdom and grant her rest in your care.

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