NEW Purex® No Sort® for Colors Detergent {Giveaway}

Do you hate to sort laundry?  Are you worried about the clothes mixing up and and stained on one other?  Recently I was sent The NEW Purex® No Sort® for Colors detergent and it is great!  No more sorting, no more worrying about bleeding clothes and for a busy mom of three, it is a great time saver!
Introducing NEW Purex® No Sort™ detergent for Colors! Purex® No Sort™ detergent features a breakthrough Anti-Color-Transfer Technology™ which traps loose dyes in the wash, and prevents them from settling onto other fabrics—leaving your clothes bright and clean without color bleeding accidents.
I love how I can just throw the laundry in and not have to worry about it being destroyed all mixed up.  The scent is wonderful!
Purex is also giving you the change to win a Year’s supply worth of the NEW Purex® No Sort® for Colors detergent!  Enter “The Rules Have Changed with NEW Purex® No Sort™ for Colors Detergent” Sweepstakes today!
Here is a video to show you the new Purex No Sort!

Giveaway:  I have two bottles of Purex® No Sort® for Colors Detergent to giveaway to 2 readers.  To enter join the widget below:


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  1. Karen T Gonyea says

    Both my eighteen year old daughter and my eight year old son LOVE to make loom jewelry (actually any arts and crafts) !!

  2. Katharine Davis says

    Yes, my youngest got interested in those band bracelets as part of a service project at school and has loved making them ever since

  3. debbie ritenour says

    Yes my daughter makes loom bracelets and loves it! Shes learning to do the fish tail ones now!

  4. Rosanne says

    No they’ve never made loom jewelry but it sounds like something they would enjoy


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