Nintendo: Tomodachi Life & Animal Crossing: New Leaf

I know it seems boys like video games way more than girls and there is probably a statistic out there that proves that!  However it doesn’t mean there are no girl gamers out there and some games that are perfect for the little girl in your life!  My daughter is the only girl of three children.  She has two brothers and has certaintly had her share of game playing and experiencing quite the variety of different games!

DS! Recently she was able to play two games for the Nintendo 3DS and she is LOVING them!

Animal Crossing - New Leaf Game Cover

Animal Crossing™: New LeafIt’s time to start your new life as the mayor of a town that is always changing. Crossing™: New Leaf is the first game in the charming Animal Crossing series for the
Nintendo 3DS™ system, and expands on the customized game play the series is known for.

Take charge of your town as mayor and watch your personalized world grow as you design your character’s life and the life of the town around you.

We have been a fan of Animal Crossing for some time!  This is the perfect game for the whole family but I can see why little girls love it so much.  You get to set up your own town with a Mayor and townspeople!  You have your own home and can earn money to upgrade and decorate it with all the wonderful things you can buy in the shops!  You build relationships with the townspeople, and can even visit other towns!  I love to play this with her.  They have special things you can do on the holidays and even holiday furniture to decorate with!  You learn the benefits of hard work like picking fruit, fishing, and even fossil digging!  The more you work in the town the more you earn!

IMG_6282 There is also an educational aspect where you can donate items to your local museum and before you know it you have rooms of special fish, insects, and art!

Tomodachi Life Game Cover

Tomodachi Life – What happens when friends, family members and celebrities become Mii characters with their own personalities and live on an island where almost anything can happen?

Tomodachi Life, that’s what! Customize your Mii characters’ lives, and witness the unpredictable drama that unfolds as they rock out, eat doughnuts and ride the ups and downs of romance.

In Tomodachi Life you can make your own village, have your own family, learn to earn money and shop!  What girl doesn’t like those things?  Everything is season based so right now in Allie’s village it is Christmas time and it has been snowing and Christmas music plays in the back ground!

Like in Animal Crossing you can buy a house.  You start off in an apartment, just like we often do in real life and then you can later upgrade to a house.  You can watch the news, go to a park, or even have coffee.  There are special events throughout the month and my daughter is LOVING this game!  She is playing it non stop and I have to limit her time, that is how much a girl can love a video game!

Both of these games would make wonderful gifts to the girl in your life!

DS2pg I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

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