OFF!® Clip-On™ Review + Some Fun Summer Yard Ideas!

We love to sit outside in the evening by the pool.  It is the perfect spot to just hang out as a family and great way for us to unwind after a hard day of work and school.  The only thing that we DON’T like is the bugs and the bites!  There are times when the bugs become so bad we just have to go in.  I was thrilled to review OFF!® Clip-On™ They have some fun designs for this summer including 2 different American Flags.  The vintage flag and the modern day flag.  They also have camouflage and floral to choose from!

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You can just clip the clip on to your pants or shirt OR just sit it near you and the bugs stay away!  I will say I think clipping it to you works the best, although I saw way less bugs with it next to me versa not, I was still getting bit a little.  Wearing it seems more effective to me.  This is so great for gardening, lounging by the pool or on the deck or just having fun with your kids in the yard.  Would be a perfect device for camping or fishing because you are outdoors for long periods of time and the bugs usually find you quikcly during these outings.  The device makes a small noise but you hardly notice it.  You can buy just the refills once you have a clip on.  Lasts up to 12 hours and that 12 hours can be divided into many days thanks to the on/off button.

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Visit for a list of OFF! products and general information for getting the most of your time outdoors, such as when peak mosquito hours are, what fragrances mosquitos are most attracted to and more!

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Summer isn’t over yet, here are some great tips by Entertaining Expert Jeanne Benedict to help you get some fun in the last days of summer

· Summer Outdoor Entertaining Party Themes: Did you know that August is the only month in the United States without an official holiday? Before Labor Day, get together with family and friends for one last hurrah before the kids go back to school and casual Friday goes away. Try one of these ideas for a great outdoor gathering.

· Outdoor Movie Party: A movie party in the backyard is perfect for guests of all ages, and is easy to create with pillows and blankets, a DVD movie projector (rent of invest in one) white outdoor wall, sheet, or a large pop-up movie screen, which you can also rent, to show the film on.

· A Night Under the Stars: When you have friends and family over, engage in a little star-gazing and see if you can spot some constellations other than “The Big Dipper.” Perhaps a friend or neighbor has a telescope you could use or now would be a good time to invest in one of your own with a star-gazing guide book!

· Backyard Campout: Enjoy your backyard even more with a backyard campout! Pitch a tent in one area of your yard and build a fire a good distance from the tent in a free-standing fire pit purchased from a home improvement store. Tell ghost stories and sing along while your musical friend plays an acoustic guitar. Pick up the OFF!® Clip-On™ Mosquito Repellent – now available in cool designs including American flag design, camouflage and floral designs. OFF!® Clip-On™ provides campers head-to-toe protection up to 12 hours while hanging out at the campsite!

· Summer Pet Party – Invite your four-legged friends and their pet parents to your home for a quirky get together! (Of course, you’ll want to make sure that all pets get along!) Give doggy-bags or cat-packs with party favors like a travel food and water dish along with a few little toys. For décor, go with animal print tablecloths, plates, and napkins for the people to use when enjoying a simple menu of finger sandwiches, salads, and cupcakes.

Thanks to Off for giving me these supplies to review for free.  All opinions are 100 percent mine!

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