Our Learning Room

This week on the not back to school hop we are suppose to show our school rooms or space.  We changed the house around last year so I could have a learning space for the kids and I could have somewhere to work.  I work from home and was working all over the house and it was making life difficult.  I am a virtual assistant for a law office and I had paperwork eveywhere all the time.  So now I have a room just for the kids learning and my work.  I LOVE it, I also love that there is lots of sunlight in this room and a big beautiful tree outside one of the windows so we enjoy each season in our school room.  In the fall we see the beautiful leaves falling off, in the winter we see the snow falling, spring, the buds on the tree and summer, full green.  It’s great!

I love having all the children sit at a big table together, I sit right behind them at my desk.

My work space!

One of my bookcases and my workboxes!

Our calendar we work on for school and my bookcases.  Inside the cabinets is math manipulatives, supplies, homeschool catalogs and more.  The curtain goes to a closet, it was bought at Target.  I couldn’t resist the world map on it.

That is our learning space, most of the time we do our readers and read alouds on the couch in the living room, it is just more comfy in there for close times of reading together.

To see our first week with what curriculum we use, just click here.

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