Our Robins!

I love to watch birds, my mother in law who I loved dearly who is now home with the Lord (2008) is the one who taught me the love of watching birds. Ah, for one more day sitting on her porch swing watching her finches with her, I would give all I have. I’m no pro but I do enjoy it a great deal. God has blessed me this spring more then I could imagine by bringing a mama robin who decided to build a nest right outside my bedroom window. It is so close I could open my window and reach out and touch it if I wanted (which of course I wouldn’t do) My family and I have had front row seats for weeks now watching her build the nest and then all the wonderful things that follow with eggs and babies and the father helping her feed them and care for them. It has been THRILLING and we have found ourselves watching everyday and checking on their well being. We have became quite attached. Today though the last of 4 birds is on the edge of the nest trying to get the nerve to fly off, we are kinda of sad to see them go of course but we know they are doing EXACTLY what their parents and their Creator means for them to do and for that we are excited for them.

I’m amazed how God is so mindful of me, I truly believe with all of my heart that God sent that robin there just for ME! My husband lost his job of 11 years in October and since then it has been unemployment, contract jobs and any other thing we can pick up. I work from home and get a part time salary which is great but doesn’t pay the bills but God has provided EVERY month, and every need. HE has taken me on a journey of faith and love that I could have never imagined without this trial and it has been AMAZiNG. God is doing something wonderful in US and like the Old Gospel song, I wouldn’t trade nothing for my jorney now comes alive and I totally get it! Everytime I look out of my window I think of those verses in Matthew 6, that mama bird doesn’t worry about anything-I have watched her gather her nesting supplies, build, sit, and protect her babies in the storm and now I watch as she teaches them to make it on their own and they have never been without a provision! Just like the Word says, if HE loves them that much, how much more does he love my family? Much more then I can IMAGINE!

NOTE: This pic is not my robin, where it is I couldn’t get a good shot that you would be able to see, this is just a google image someone else captured.

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  1. Mrs. Mandy says

    What a great shot! Thanks for the welcome to the Crew! We do workboxes and MFW too! Love all things CM.

  2. mom says

    What a special memory, Angela, that you can continue with your kids now. And I agree….God sent that robin family in close proximity just for YOU as He reminded you of His care for you who are much more valuable than the sparrow, I mean, robin!

    Tammy ~@~

  3. Liss says

    That is so wonderful. Sometimes driving down the hill I'm fortunate to see a deer or a little bunny and I get so excited. I always think God placed that animal there at that moment just for me because it brings me such great joy.

  4. alecat says

    Hello Angela,
    I'm visiting as a TOS Crew newbie.
    How wonderful .. a robin nesting so close and offering you encouragement with it's visit. They're the best gifts, aren't they?
    Catherine, Australia (aka alecat)

  5. Debra says

    Isn't it amazing when things work out even though you don't see how they possibly can?

    I think I need a bird building a nest right outside my window…

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