Our Weekly Highlights

My sons did their bible notebooks for Creation to the Greeks. My oldest has never enjoyed drawing but I told him he could do anything (it could be very simple) that he could think of from the Old Testament and he decided to do a simple rainbow. I thought it turned out nice! My 7yr old LOVES to draw and he did the whole Noah’s Ark theme and then at the end says I think I’m going to put the rainbow around the ark like you see in pictures, I thought that was very creative of him.

My daughter is 5 and is doing one notebook for all of her work because she is doing a bible notebook from MFW 1st grade where she illustrates the whole Bible this year. I will show you some pictures from that another time but she just did a notebook for all of her work with a house and family and of course a rainbow (monkey see, monkey do) LOL

The other pics are from our first day at coop a few weeks ago. They were very excited to find their backpacks with new supplies and so excited about seeing their friends again. We go on Mondays.

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