Paper Maison Matching ipad & Kindle Case

I was sent a matching ipad case and kindle case togehter from Paper Maison. The iPad case is designed exclusively for both the new iPad (3rd generation) and the iPad 2. Other devices may fit but it will be snug. This is true for the Kindle device as well, originally designed for the Kindle Reader, the Kindle Fire will fit snugly and requires you to bend the bind around like a new book.

They are in production now for the Kindle Fire and iPad Mini case.


Each of the cases provide elastic bands to hold your Kindle or Ipad in place, a stylus 2-in-1 pen and a color/print coordinated notepad. Each can also interchange the position of the device and the notepad and the case is foldable to allow it to be a stand for the Kindle / Ipad in several configurations. The case closes with a magnetic tab.

The are six different styles, I picked the Marche De Fleurs and I really like it. It is heavy duty, I feel like my ipad is really secure in it. I LOVE the notepad in it, I’m a virtual assistant so I use my ipad for work a LOT! Having a notebook beside the ipad is great when you want to write things down or specific jobs and meetings. I don’t have a keypad for my ipad either so typing on it is not easy. The notepad helps! I have found this to be great as a mom too because when we are out and about the kids want to play apps on the ipad they also have drawing paper right there, and the best part is my ipad is staying safe as they carry it!

ipad cover

Marche De Fleurs: This design features flowers on a cream background and antique style french lettering. It is finished with a stunning vintage look to give this cover a unmistakable feel.

Boutique De Luxe: The front of the case features accessories such as: handbags, make up, perfume, and sunglasses with a zig zag patterned magnetic tab.

Birds on a Wire: The front image displays birds on a wire and features the words “dream”, “think”, and “plan”. There are horizontal and vertical stripes in shades of blue, white, and black.

Spice Bouquet: This beautiful cover features a stunning, brilliant yellow flower on an off white background with a blue and white patterned magnetic tab.

Peacock Fantasy: This case features a magnificent peacock on an off white background with a hint of a paisley pattern and a magnetic tab that features a gold pattern on a hot pink background.

The Librarian: This case features a book, glasses, and a vintage ad for reading glasses while the magnetic tab on the right features old style books.

The iPad case retails for $30.00 and Kindle case retails for $20.00. These products are available for purchase by consumers at

Watch this video to see how great they go everything goes together!

I was given a ipad and kinde case free to review.  All opinions are 100 percent mine

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