Oh My Goodness!  Have I ever got addicted to a site, the LAST thing I need to do is get hooked on something else on the web but you have not checked out Pinterest, you HAVE to!  Let me know in the comments if you want an invite and I will give you one.  That way you can get addicted too!  

A warning:  Sometimes on the homepage you will see things others have pinned that are not family friendly, from someone elses favorites (to avoid this just go straight to your page) I don’t see this very often at all but do want you to be cautious especially if you have your children close by while looking.   Just want to give you a heads up

This site is where you can collect on your favorite things in one place, decorating ideas you have seen, recipes, homeschooling ideas you want to remember.  Anything and everything. 

Now there is even a Tuesday meme showing off something that you loved on Pinterest for the week.  So I thought I would partcipate, honestly I just started and I could share my whole page.  Which by the way is HERE if you want to follow me over there.

I LOVE jars, especially Mason jars, it is amazing how many things you can do with them.  Here are a couple of my favorite.  I LOVE the idea of serving ice cream in them.

This looks so fun!                

From Lemonade below

 And of course a nice cold drink!  OR

Beautiful Flowers! Credit

What have you found on Pinterest lately?

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  1. Mary Ellen says

    I would love to check out Pinterest. Would you please send me an invite? Thanks BTW, I also love Mason Jars…..very cool.
    Mary Ellen

  2. says

    I will keep it in mind, thanks for sharing the information keep updating, looking for.Hope that you will continue with Nice to very useful info for me. Well done!

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