Poor Yoshi

My son’s favorite animal Yoshi got ate by the dog, my dog is older and doesn’t chew up things anymore, what in the world came over him-I don’t know. His aunt and uncle ordered this from Hong Kong on ebay because he loves Yoshi (from Mario brothers) so much. We had so many tears, it was heartbreaking. So now the mission is on to find him another one! One of many lessons for a 7 yr old, LIFE is tough! LOL! We asked the dog, did you do this? And he covers his head with shame! Bad Bad Dog!

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  1. Julie says

    Oh no! My boys all love Mario, too and would also be heartbroken over an eaten Yoshi. And he looks a little beyond repair. 😉 Hope you can find a replacement. Julie

  2. Scrapingirl says

    Oh that is awful! I can't imagine the drama that would happen if that happened to my son's bear. I may have to leave for the day. Poor guy.

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