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We received materials from Positive Action For Christ for review for my 6th grader. This is a two book set, one for student and one binder set for the teacher. The pages for the student are very colorful and have beautiful illustrations. I really want my children to know God’s Word from a young age, I don’t want them to become a statistic of kids that grow up in church only to turn away in their young adult lives. I think one of the best ways for this not to happen to teach your child the Word early and have them know what they believe and why they believe it. Postive Action For Christ has some great materials to help you and your children through this journey. These books are wrote for a classroom or coop setting but make wonderful personal Bible time lessons in your homeschool or if you don’t do a bible program already this would be a great Bible curriculum to add to your day, however with mulitple children of different ages it could be tough. Everyday I am having my household take 30 minutes for God time, they can pray, read their bibles, for non readers (having them look through their picture bibles even) You may have to shorten the time for younger ones. This is when my oldest is working through his workbook. This is also a great time for mom to spend time with God, it shows her children that she is right with them, needing to grow in her spiritual life as well and to stay in fellowship with God.

The workbook starts with Vocabulary words and moves through the study with questions about the unit you are studying. Our Lesson 1 is titled “The Greatest Book Ever Written” They will give scripture and ask questions about it but they also have personal reflection which I love, it is helping him take what he is reading and applying it to his life. I let him stop after 30 minutes, we are just working at that pace, not worrying about finishing a chapter, however you could require a certain amount of work before stopping if you wanted. There is a quiz at the end to see if they retained the information. The teachers guide helps you prepare them for their lesson ahead of time. There is also many scripture verses to memorize and even a chart to keep track of them. There is quite a bit of writing so some children may enjoy this more if they can answer more verbally.

The Student Manual is $12.95 + S&H, they are colorful, consumable workbooks with 35 lessons that can easily be used for the entire school year. (There is a discount if you purchase more than 5 manuals.)

The Teacher Manual is $33.95 + S&H, is comes in a loose leaf binder, and has a multitude of information to help with the lesson. First you have the answers to the workbook questions, then there are Target Truths, Teaching Strategy, Character Trait Activities, and a Quiz for each lesson.

As a member of the Homeschool Crew, I was given this product to review. I was not paid for this post. All opinions expressed in this post are mine.
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