Project Life-Week 10

I can NOT tell you how much I’m LOVING Project Life, even though I have scrapbooked for years I so regret not doing Project Life (of course I didn’t know about it then)  My whole family is getting involved, it is so great to see which family member comes up with a picture of the day or pictures for the week (we do weekly mostly), now this week even my hubby journaled and I’m hoping to get my kids in on that too.  I think it would be great to see the kids handwriting on my pages, it will add charm and beauty to my pages, no doubt! 

This week started with a trip to Urgent Care because of an ear infection, I was in so much pain but my hubby managed to get a great picture of Urgent Care sign for me.  Hot water bottle and pain meds was most of my week. 


My son has wore out his lego magazine(catalog) that he looks at almost every night, my hubby suprised him and ordered him a new one, we got a pic with him with it.   We NEVER get PF Changs(NOT in our family budget) but we spurlged one night on it-had to get that moment-my favorite Chinese food!  We live about 20 minutes from Cincinnati and the river is RISING because of all the rain.  MY husband got some great shots of that! 

I wanted to remember Japan (been praying for that country all week)  I truly can’t imagine the devastation and heartache there.  I printed out some news articles to put in 8 1/2 by 11 page to go in this week.  I ordered some different sizes of page protectors from this week and can’t wait for them to come! 

I’m enjoying Beyond the Babys Project Life Challenge series, you have to check it out!

To check out other weekly updates for project life head to Jessica’s blog, to learn more about project life go to Becky’s.

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