Project Life-Week 16-17

These were some busy and active weeks.  I will do my best to highlight my weeks here, in order to get all of my Easter pics in Project Life I made an 8×10 collage and put it in a sleeve in the middle of my pages.

The week started bad…A virus hit my son and I and then quickly spread through the family.  A miserable week of doing laundry over and over and nursing everyone back to health with saltines and gatorade.  We were so sick, especially my midde son Zach, he had it the worst.

I received my turquoise edition of Project Life I wanted to use for 2010 from ebay, because I waited too long and they sold out.  I am so thankful I did get one, can’t wait to start it for 2010.

I helped in the yearly audit at my church with some dear ladies.

Our mailbox was made a home by a huge nest of ants (you should have seen my mail, they were covered) sorry for them but my husband was sent to kill them (from me, LOL)

Easter baskets my dear mother in law who passed away in 2008 made for my kids, it is so great to have them each year(a great memory of her love each Easter)

I was so proud of my son Sam who had his first performance at church reading the Easter Story through the Resurrection Eggs along with his friends Heather and Matthew.

Several Easter egg hunts from family, each side!  We have had so much rain in this area and some had to be inside. (my collage)

Right after Easter my mom had her gallbladder taken out.  She was nervous but I got her to laugh telling her that she was making project life.  She will kill me for this picture….

A couple of great pics of the dogs, they are back to back sleeping.  When they come in from the mud I tie them up until they dry off some in the kitchen to save my carpet.  After they are dry I untie them. 

Herbie the pug looking out the window at the Easter egg hunt.

A half rainbow we saw leaving our street one day, I never get tired of seeing God’s promise in the sky!

The board I am on at church.  A group of people that I have spent a lot of time with this past year who I love dearly!

To check out other weekly updates for project life head to Jessica’s blog, to learn more about project life go to Becky’s.

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  1. dawn says

    Hi Angela, thanks for stopping by my blog. It’s funny I’ve never checked out the Pioneer Women’s blog but hear about it and see it on so many blogs. I will probably start checking her blog out since I love the book so much and what a love story it was. Had me in tears in laughter at the same time.
    Your blog header is so pretty, love all the purple. The Easter collage you did is great. Thanks for the idea of doing that and adding it in. Also love the rainbow picture you have, love it when we see those. We are getting a lot of rain here too, so depressing. Hope your family is all back to being healthy again. Have a great week.

  2. says

    Thanks for stopping by.

    I love, love, love the pic of your mom. Such a real life moment – so glad you were able to capture her before her surgery. Hope that all went well with everything.

    Such a special keepsake with the Easter baskets – neat!

    Have a great week!
    Anne Blackburn recently posted..Project Life Tuesday

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