Project Life-week 13

Wow, how fast the weeks go by.

I started off the week getting a new laptop, very nice-my last one only lasted a year, very disappointed in that one.  I use it ALOT for work so it is a must have!

We went to the homeschool convention in Cincinnati(20 minutes from me) at the Duke Energy Center

I took a pic of my blackberry (I spend so much time with it)

Our workboxes that we LOVE for school time, each child has their own set and I put their work in them.

My house was all about making tents this week, I love the kids having tents because I loved them as a child but they cause way too much bickering.  You tore my down, and I don’t want you in mine-that is the downside of tents!

Allie dressing another one of our animals up, they are not safe from her shirts and dresses, this is Aslan our cat-poor kitty but he does look cute!

We brought home some new how to draw books from convention for the kids, Allie is LOVING them, she has spent so much time drawing this week, makes this mamas heart glad.  She has her daddy’s gift, I love the peacock and the boy with the train so I took pictures for the album.

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  1. says

    I love seeing how other people put their books together. I am having a heart attack over those little cubby containers too! LOVE them!

  2. Angela says

    Those are our workbox system for school time, we are homeschoolers. My kids and I both love them!


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