Project Life-Week 19

My pictures for project life week 19

I showed this nest a few weeks ago that a mama robin was building on my father in laws porch.  Look who is inside, you can’t see them all but there are three.  We had a great time sitting on the porch swing watching these guys.  The next day they were gone, can’t believe how fast they grow up.

Blowing bubbles………………..

My son during a piano practice, this is where he spends every Friday morning!  We are blessed to have such a talented Godly teacher pouring into our son’s life.  A true blessing from God!

Our family night we went to a park and took a nature walk where we saw a baby bunny, frogs and a really funny looking duck.  Then we came home for dad’s homemade shakes.  We had such a nice evening together

Saturday was my niece’s dance recital, isn’t she so cute?  She did a great job, we were so proud of her!

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